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Our Promise:

Oleolive was founded by scientists with a desire to improve on the status quo through new technology and harsh criticism of our own work. We only offer the highest quality ingredients in our products and understand the science forward and backwards before offering anything for sale. Have a question? Ask. If we can't answer, we will figure it out.

Where we started:

Where we are now:

Our Team

What Makes Us Tick?

We are dreamers, doers and inventors. We love innovation, challenges and big hurdles. Since our inception, we have taken on projects that seemed impossible. We have failed, we have succeeded, but most importantly we keep going. We have a love for the details and quality. Quality in research, components and our products. We are craftswomen and craftsmen that want to leave the world a little better place than how we found it.

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We welcome all inquiries. Please reach out for partnering, wholesale inquiries, science questions, service inquiries or just to say hello.

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