Shipping and Storage

Shipping and Storage Conditions

Oleolive wants to ensure the highest quality products for our consumers. An essential part of providing high-quality products is maintaining our products at the recommended conditions. Each of our products has been tested to determine optimal shipping and storage conditions. This information can be found on every Certificate of Analysis, and in the following table:


 Product Shipping Conditions Storage Conditions
Super-Oli Room temperature (20-30*C) Room temperature (20-30*C)
OLIGENTM Room temperature (20-30*C) -20*C
OLIGENTM Research Grade Room temperature (20-30*C) -20*C

Our products are considered stable when maintained at these conditions. Deviations from these conditions can affect the stability and overall quality of the products. Oleolive does not make any guarantees to products that have been stored improperly; please store Oleolive products at the recommended storage conditions. If you feel your product has been compromised during the shipping process, please contact us at