OLIGEN approved by INCI as first Trade Name for Oleocanthal

As part of Oleolive’s intellectual property strategy, the name OLIGEN was trademarked as the company’s brand of oleocanthal. Subsequently, upon claiming the OLIGEN trade name, the company applied with the Personal Care Products Council International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) for the ability to label OLIGEN (oleocanthal) as an ingredient in cosmetic products.

On May 17th, Oleolive, LLC received word that the application had been approved marking an important milestone for the company, the advancement of olive oil phenolics and the cosmetic industry as a whole.

With this approval, cosmetic companies can now include one of the most potent phenolics, oleocanthal, known for its anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and overall therapeutic properties, in existing products and new formulations while meeting appropriate labeling requirements.

The only form of oleocanthal approved by the INCI is produced by Oleolive’s proprietary patent-pending process which can generate up to 95+% pure OLIGEN.

The Oleolive team is excited to work with new and existing companies looking to develop novel products with OLIGEN as a core ingredient. The team has extensive experience in extra virgin olive oil phenolics which gives partners access to tacit knowledge, expediting the development cycle.

In addition, OLIGEN will be the central ingredient in Oleolive’s debut product, SUPER-OLI, a novel skincare oil that harnesses the burgeoning health benefits of the phenolics found in extra virgin olive oil. Super-Oli will have the highest concentration of phenolic compounds (like oleocanthal and hydroxytyrosol) in a commercially available product. The company is built on strong science and transparency of ingredients, and this milestone brings Oleolive, LLC one step closer to alleviating skin disorders with potent natural compounds.