Oleolive Wins Pivotal Small Business Research award for Oleocanthal in Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Dr. El Sayed's Lab at University of Louisiana Monroe

Today, May 26th 2020, Oleolive, LLC, a preclinical stage life sciences company, received an official notice  of award from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and National Institutes of Health to fund research on the preventative and therapeutic benefits of Oleocanthal in Triple Negative Breast Cancer recurrence.

We are extremely proud of the effort from the entire Oleolive team and strongly believe that Oleocanthal could be a promising therapeutic for Triple Negative Breast Cancer. This research is being led by Dr. Khalid El Sayed, a Medicinal Chemist and Professor at University of Louisiana Monroe (ULM).

Dr. El Sayed’s study of Oleocanthal’s effect on Triple Negative Breast Cancer began years ago, and he has since published several studies (linked at bottom of page) that have shown very positive data. We were able to build upon this existing research to make a case with the National Cancer Institute as to why this project is worth backing.

The funding rate at NCI is one of the lowest amongst the 27 NIH institutes and centers and is widely considered the most competitive. This award is a testament to Oleolive’s team, technology and dedication to advancing research on Oleocanthal.

Work on the award is scheduled to begin June 1st and will last approximately 18 months. Pending positive results, Oleolive will pursue a Phase II SBIR with NCI to fund clinical development of a proprietary formulation of Oleocanthal for the prevention of Triple Negative Breast Cancer recurrence.

Members of Oleolive, faculty and administration at ULM, and others in field have expressed their delight in NCI’s award to Oleolive. It validates the approach and accelerates the pace at which a promising commercial product could become available to help those struggling to prevent recurrence of Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

This is the 4th SBIR awarded to Oleolive in the last two years.

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Pictured from Left to Right: 

Mrs. Afsana Tajmim, Dr. Abu Bakar Siddique ( project postdoctoral fellow) Dr. Khalid El Sayed, Mr. Khaldoun Abdelwahed and Mr. Mohammed Qusa.